It all started with that one Facebook post

As I was getting dressed that one morning late in December, I noticed that my clothing was still rolled and folded neatly in my drawers. *Has it really been a year since I did my last big clean out?* I wondered. Yes, a whole year!


That’s when I decided to throw it out there on Facebook. Who would be interested in doing a Clear the Clutter Challenge for the month of January? The response was overwhelming, and thus began a fun, challenging, and uplifting month in our Facebook group. With over 3,400 people in the group as of this writing, there is a broad range of needs, and I am excited to hear so many people enjoying the journey and finding encouragement from working with a community.

My office is loving this purge. I took my extra table linen to work and marked if free. They can’t wait for next week when I bring in the purged jewelry.
-Sandi F., participant in Clear the Clutter Challenge

That is also where the idea for Fifteen Minute Mom was born! There are so many ideas and thoughts swirling around in my head, and if you are like me, having a little direction and inspiration (in a short amount of time) is all it takes most days to get me going on the right path. Get ready to hear stories and antidotes from my life, short 15 minute challenges for your home, encouragement for your heart, and inspiration for your mind. Thank you for being here, and it’s my prayer that what I share may bless and enhance your life.

I’m loving the daily decluttering. This is just what I needed to start off my new year. This has been so freeing and helped clear my mind…and my house.
-Connie B., participant in Clear the Clutter Challenge

If you want to follow the 31 day Clear the Clutter Challenge, I’ve written a FREE ebook with all of my hints and tips HERE. Jump in and follow along!

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