Freshen Up February Challenge!

It starts tomorrow! A brand new daily deep clean challenge will be live in our Facebook community HERE. Each of these challenges are designed to take around 15 minutes. Of course if you have a huge house, lots of build up, or if you tend to get sidetracked, things could take a bit longer.


Our goal is to get after the grime BEFORE spring this year! Then when that spring cleaning inspiration hits we can breeze through it like never before.

One spring my girls were on an extended vacation with their dad and I took an entire week to deep clean my house. It. Was. Exhausting. I loved the results, but those were LONG days and looking back I realize I should have taken it a bit slower. So…. let’s do this the easy way… 15 minutes at a time!

Who’s in?

5 thoughts on “Freshen Up February Challenge!

  1. Me for sure!! I want to have all my spring cleaning done BEFORE spring time rolls around. That way I can spend more of the summer months outside with the kids enjoying the warm weather! (we don’t get a lot of that here in Canada!)

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