When Finishing is Better Than Starting

Finishing is better than starting. Patience is better than pride.‭‭ Ecclesiastes‬ ‭7:8

This verse has been hanging up on a cork board in my bathroom. Yes, right on the bathroom counter. You see, I put some things on that board that I wanted to think about and memorize, then, as I was looking for nails to hang it up in another part of the house I set the board down on the counter and there it has stayed! I’m pretty sure God orchestrated that part of the activity because, believe it or not, I visit that room quite frequently throughout the day and I have time to read and think about what is written!

Back to the verse.

I don’t know why it jumped out at me when I was reading, but the more I have thought about it over the past month, the more I’ve come to understand its significance. It’s easy to be excited about starting something new. A new book, a new diet, a new habit, a new job…. but pretty soon the shiny newness begins to dull just a bit. (Believe it or not, there is a scientific reason for this!) That’s when the thoughts of giving up or “this isn’t worth it” begin to creep in.

But Solomon says here that finishing is BETTER than starting. What happens when we push through? The most resistance you encounter happens right before the breakthrough. As I was getting my blog and ebook together, I felt tremendous pressure just before the deadline I set for myself. My learning curve for the website was steep, my old computer was glitchy, and I was running on pink drink and oatmeal! Yes, I needed to go grocery shopping. I felt overwhelmed and wanted to give up.

Guess what verse popped into my head! Finishing is better than starting. PATIENCE is better than pride. I decided to stuff my pride into my pocket, give the project 100% effort until it was finished, and to give myself some grace if I didn’t hit the deadline. A couple of days one way or the other would not make a difference.

The moment I clicked Publish, the angels sang. So did my heart… and my kids, who were ready for dinner!  Finishing was WAY better than starting. It brought satisfaction and built my confidence. It reminded me that doing hard things is WORTH IT!

So this is my encouragement to you today: the next time you feel like giving up because circumstances are tough, just remember that things are hardest just before a breakthrough!

One thought on “When Finishing is Better Than Starting

  1. Beautiful, Jill! Shiny and new are much bigger draws for us, but the Lord loves a patient, diligent spirit. 💗 Well said, my friend!💗


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